At Luxx, we only work with precious metals including sterling silver and 14k gold that can endure the test of time. Fine jewelry can be delicate, but when treated with care it will look luxurious for years to come. If you want to keep your jewelry looking its best and maintain the beautiful shine, we have some info and tips.



Preventative care is always easier than aftercare! These are two things to look out for that can damage jewelry;

Chemicals: Even enduring materials like gold and silver can be worn down by certain chemicals. Some products such as perfume, lotion, soap or sunscreen contain chemicals that are harmful to jewelry, so it’s best to avoid getting them on your piece. Chemicals and contaminants in water such as chlorine can result in tarnished or dull-looking jewelry. It’s recommended to remove any jewelry before going in the shower, pool, etc.

Physical Damage: Nobody likes scratched, dinged or broken jewelry. Exercising and sleeping with jewelry on are common ways for damage to happen, so it’s always best to be safe and remove your jewelry before hitting the gym, playing sports or going to bed.


After wearing, gently wipe your jewelry with the Luxx microfiber cloth to remove all the dirt and oils, then store in the included Luxx Anti-Tarnish™ pouch. Each of our pieces come with it’s own complimentary pouch, so you can store your jewelry individually in separate pouches to avoid any scratching or tangling.

Luxx fine jewelry storage pouch
Fine jewelry cleaning


Carefully wiping your piece with the Luxx microfiber cloth will remove most minor smudges, oil and grime. If your jewelry gets really dirty, you can clean it in warm water using mild soap and a very soft-bristle brush like a baby toothbrush that won’t scratch it, then dry completely with a microfibre cloth.