Many of the biggest brands markup their jewelry 7-20x the cost. We were tired of seeing people get ripped off, so we are doing things differently.

To make fine jewelry accessible, we've built a team of the best jewelers and sell directly to you at fair prices. Our jewelry is handcrafted and made in Italy with the same precious metals and quality craftsmanship as other designer brands, but without the traditionally big markups.

Prices for Fine Jewelry brands compared
black diamonds
What makes up the cost?

1. Materials

Before jewelry can be made, the raw materials need to be purchased. Cost varies greatly between precious metals such as gold & silver compared to brass & steel.

2. Manufacturing

Is the jewelry handcrafted or made by machine? Made in Italy or China? The labour for making jewelry can become costly, but is crucial for the quality of the product.

3. Markup

Some markup is needed to cover essential costs like shipping and customer service. Extreme markups can occur due to middlemen and excessive profit margins.

Most costume jewelry costs very little ($1-5) because it’s made in China with cheap metals and poor quality. Brands use marketing tactics to sell it with insane markups, upwards of 10x-20x the cost.

The well known luxury designer companies usually sell good quality jewelry that looks nice. However, they’re using their brand name to make you pay ridiculous prices with greedy markups.

LUXX offers the same materials and craftsmanship as the luxury designer brands, but at a fair price. The choice of what you buy is yours.